HVLS fans can be used in many different facilities
Universities, sports facilities, manufacturing, warehousing & more

What they all have in common is typically a combination of poor air quality and high energy spending.

A NORDICCO® HVLS fan is the most efficient and climate-friendly solution to ensure efficient movement of air, lower energy spending and less carbon emissions. We serve a broad range of applications.

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Indoor air quality challenges associated with cooling and heating of educational institutions are different from location to location. Often they also vary according to season of the year. Our silent NORDICCO® HVLS fans create a gentle breeze and flow of air, effectively eliminating the drowsy and heavy-headed feeling typically caused by poor air quality.

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The NORDICCO® HVLS fan is your climate-friendly alternative. On a warm summer’s day, the cooling sensation of several degree C° improves overall human comfort and productivity. During colder months, when hot air rises the NORDICCO® HVLS fan gently distributes the hot air otherwise trapped just below the ceiling down to the human comfort zone where it’s needed. The result is lower energy spending, lower carbon emission, and increased human comfort level.


Sport facilities struggle with their indoor climate all year round – and especially with the energy consumption during the colder winter months. 

The NORDICCO® HVLS fans are an ideal ventilation solution for sport facilities and arenas. In your average sports facility you have a very high ceiling and high energy spending especially during colder months. The NORDICCO® HVLS fans rapidly levelize temperatures and humidity across even very large rooms, a process called destratification. The result is less demand on the thermostats typically placed in the human comfort zone, significantly lowering your energy spending and reducing your carbon emissions.

As a user of the sport facilities you are exposed to the risk of infection from airborne viruses. Our Northern Light® ventilator integrated UVC lights on the wings, which eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses. With this specific fan the users kan feel safe in the sport facility. 

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Happy employees are good for business! Working in an office environment with insufficient ventilation often results in fatigue and drowsiness amongst employees. The NORDICCO® HVLS fans silently optimize your air circulation across the office space, removing pockets of heavy air without causing a draft. This ensures worker satisfaction and higher productivity, amongst many other positive outcomes.

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