Ceiling Fans & IoT Control

Northern sky®

Take control of your indoor climate with our IoT-based control solution. Northern Sky® is an online management platform that gives you a complete overview of fan operations and your buildings’ indoor climate data. 

The platform can be accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop. No matter where you are, Northern Sky® gives you full control and valuable insights. As a standard, Northern Sky® is included in all Nordicco’s ceiling fan products (except MINI).

Northern Sky®

With the Northern Sky® Basic module you can control, monitor and plan the operation of your fans online.

Northern Sky® Indoor Climate MODULE

Northern Sky® Indoor Climate module consists of advanced sensors that collect data about your indoor climate. 

Northern Sky illustreret som IoT baseret platform

Northern Sky® UPDATES

The Northern Sky platform is maintained and continually developed. That means you get access to free updates as well as new and extra features and modules in the future.

Northern AIR®

The product line Northern Air® covers everything from small classic ceiling fans to the world’s biggest HVLS ceiling fan. They’re all designed to move massive amounts of air in the most energy-efficient way. This product line is therefore often used for energy saving purposes or indoor climate improvements and comfort cooling.

Northern Air® MINI

Mini is a small ceiling fan of 1,5 m controlled by remote. A perfect option for classrooms or offices.

Northern Air® COMFORT

Comfort is a smaller HVLS fan of 2-3 m in diameter. Great for medium-sized facilities such as fitness centers etc.

Northern Air® PRO

Pro is our series of large HVLS fans from 3-5 m. Used to deliver airflow and energy savings in large rooms.

Northern Air® EXTREME

Extreme is one of the world’s largest ceiling fans with its 6-7 m in diameter. For buildings of a very special caliber!

Northern Air® A.E.

Northern Air® Aggressive Environment is developed for tough environments and can resist humidity and dust. 

Northern STAR®

Northern Star® is the world’s first series of HVLS fans developed specifically for energy-saving purposes. With a design optimized for temperature equalization, this product series is the obvious choice when it comes to ensuring optimal heat utilization all year round.

Northern Star loftventilator til destratifikation

Northern STAR® Pro

Northern Star® Pro is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 meters in diameter and suitable for rooms with high ceilings.


Northern STAR® Accessories

For all Northern Star® products, accessories such as special mounting brackets, stabilization wires, spare parts etc. can be purchased. Contact us if you are looking for a special part.

Northern Light®

The patented Northern Light® product line can disinfect air for virus, bacteria, and fungal spores. On top of the disinfection capabilities, the ceiling fans in this line also have the same advantages as our other ceiling fans in terms of creating energy savings and a better indoor climate. 

This makes the Northern Light® product line a unique 2-in-1 indoor climate solution. This product line was developed and tested in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and with support from the Innovation Fund during the corona pandemic, where disinfection needs were at a peak worldwide. 

Northern Light® Pro

Northern Light® Pro consists of large ceiling fans with built-in disinfection capabilities to deliver clean air.

Northern Light® Max

Northern Light® Max is our most powerful and effective system for disinfection and distribution of clean air. 


Northern Light® Accessories

Accessories, such as special mounting brackets, stabilizing wires, spare parts and more are also available for the Northern Light® series. Contact us if you are looking for a particular component.  


What does a ceiling fan do?

Ceiling fans are an energy-efficient supplement to ventilation in large rooms and have a long line of advantages.
With Nordicco ceiling fans you can achieve better airflow, disinfected air, better indoor climate, effective utilization of warm air and the possibility of optimizing your HVAC operation and achieving energy savings.

Read much more about the advantages of Nordicco ceiling fans below.

The journey towards a better indoor climate

To put it simply. Better distribution of air results in a better indoor climate. The combination of ceiling fans and the Northern Sky platform to control and present facility data makes it possible to solve a whole range of indoor climate problems. Everything from CO2-heavy and stagnant air to unexploited heat to humidity problems and unpleasant odours.

Optimized HVAC operations

When adding Northern Sky controlled ceiling fans to your facilities, you make it easy to optimize your HVAC operations.

With the energy-efficient airflow that our ceiling fans deliver, the vast majority of our customers experience a reduced load on their ventilation systems and achieve energy savings.

To sum it up: By choosing Nordicco ceiling fans you’ll be creating results from day 1. What’s holding you back?


Using ceiling fans & data

Hot air rises and gathers under the ceiling. A basic thermodynamic concept well known from hot air balloons or saunas. Therefore, a temperature difference of several degrees between floor and ceiling level will often be the case in large rooms. The higher the ceiling, the more heat is often wasted.

Destratification fans HVLS

An HVLS fan creates a calm and silent airflow that effectively equalizes temperature differences between floor and ceiling level. This is done by mixing the different layers of air and distributing existing heat from the ceiling area down towards the occupancy zone. A process also known as temperature equalization or destratification.

This way, heat is utilized much more efficiently. Savings of up to 25% – sometimes even more – can be achieved. Mainly because existing heat in the room can be used more efficiently, but also since the overall load on the ventilation system is reduced.

Gain Huge Savings

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy consumption in buildings accounts for over 30% of global energy consumption and emissions. Energy-related renovations and advances in energy efficiency are therefore absolutely key when it comes to reducing global CO2 emissions.

The figure on the left shows an example of temperature equalization, also known as destratification, in a large space. Sensors placed at different heights in the room measured the temperature before and after an HVLS fan was turned on. As the graph shows, the temperature is equalized across the four measuring points and a temperature of approximately 19°C is obtained throughout the entire space. The interesting thing here is that the temperature at floor level increases by 2°C without adding extra heat.

This way, energy is used much more efficiently and makes it possible to optimize various HVAC settings. The result is often dramatic savings on electricity and heating – as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Loftventilator princip skitse air Flow


2 rotational directions

– comfort & cooling

During warm months, the temperature sensation can be significantly reduced when the ceiling fan runs in ‘forward’ mode. This creates a cooling breeze, also known as ‘chill factor’. Furthermore, the fan helps eliminate pockets of stagnant and heavy air and creates a better overall indoor climate and increased comfort.

If mechanical ventilation or airconditioning is installed, then installing fans will lower the pressure on these systems, which in turn reduces the building’s total energy consumption.

– Heat & energy savings

During colder months, the ceiling fan slowly moves the warm air from the ceiling level down towards floor level via ‘reverse’ mode. Not only does this increase the temperature and experienced comfort at floor level, but through temperature equalization it ensures energy-efficient heating.

All in all, HVLS ceiling fans can serve as a tool for optimizing heat consumption and lowering total energy consumption as well as CO2-emissions.


& distribution of clean air

Desinfektion af luft i indeklima

UVC against airborne infections

UVC light has been used to disinfect air for more than 70 years. The light deactivates pathogens’ ability to replicate and thereby their ability to infect.

Ren luft - eliminering af luftbårne vira

AIR Disinfection

Northern Light systems effectively eliminate airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores. A system can generate up to 18,500 m3 disinfected air per hour.

Full flexibility

All Northern Light® products are fully flexible. Meaning, the air disinfection system can be turned on or off as needed. That way, these systems provide an extra reassurance and can be a contributing factor to securing a good indoor climate during future epidemics.

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Ceiling fans can be used in many different types of facilities
Universities, sports facilities, manufacturing, warehousing & more

What they all have in common is typically either challenges with poor air quality or high energy spend.

NORDICCO® ceiling fans is one of the most efficient and budget-friendly solutions to ensure efficient movement of air, lower energy spending and less carbon emissions. We serve a broad range of applications, as you can see below. Or go to the product pages and read more about Northern Light® and Northern Air® HVLS fans.


Indoor air quality challenges associated with cooling and heating of educational institutions are different from location to location. Often they also vary according to season of the year.
Our silent NORDICCO® HVLS fans create a gentle breeze and flow of air, effectively eliminating the drowsy and heavy-headed feeling typically caused by poor air quality with a high CO2 concentration.

Campus Vejle
DHL Kastrup Lufthavn


A NORDICCO® ceiling fan is your climate-friendly alternative to air-conditioning, as it uses only a fraction of the power needed to cool air. On a warm summer’s day, the cooling sensation of several degree °C can be achieved, which improves overall comfort and productivity.

During colder months, a ceiling fan is the best way to gently distribute the hot air otherwise trapped just below the ceiling. The fan makes sure the heat is brought down to the occupation zone, where it’s needed. The result is less heat going to waste – or in other words, lower energy spending, lower carbon emissions, and increased human comfort level.


Sports facilities often struggle with their indoor climate all year round – and with their energy consumption during colder winter months.

Our ceiling fans are an ideal ventilation supplement for these facility types. In your average sports facility you have a very high ceiling and high energy spending. The large ceiling fans rapidly levelize temperatures and humidity levels across these large spaces. A process called de-stratification. The result is less demand on the thermostats, significantly lowering your energy spending and reducing carbon emissions.

As a guest in sports facilities you can be exposed to the risk of infection from airborne viruses. Our Northern Light® ceiling fan with integrated UVC disinfection capabilities can eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses. To make both staff and guests feel safe in the facility. 

Loft vifter installeret i Hedensted Centrets store hal
Nordicco HVLS Ventilatorer Gamerroom Campus Vejle Kontormiljø


Happy employees are good for business! Working in an office environment with insufficient ventilation often results in fatigue and drowsiness amongst employees. We have ceiling fans that are ideal for smaller spaces – that silently optimize air circulation across the office space, removing pockets of heavy air without causing a draft. This helps ensure worker satisfaction and higher productivity.

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