About us

Nordicco A/S, formerly Nordic Fan Company, is a Danish company, wanting to contribute towards the acceleration to a more sustainable society.

Nordicco designs and manufactures HVLS fans, in the two main product lines Northern Air® and Northern Light® and associated control systems.

Our solutions help private companies and public institutions with several issues:

  • improve their indoor climate
  • lower their energy consumption
  • reduce their CO2 emissions
  • eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens such as viruses 

Nordicco is headquartered in Denmark, where products are designed and manufactured. Wherever possible, we source from local and regional suppliers, and use the most sustainable materials in the production to ensure the lowest overall carbon footprint. 

Nordicco A/S is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry and GEFMA, German Facility Management Association. 

Member of Confederation of Danish Industry
Nordicco Member of GEFMA



To us at Nordicco (formerly called Nordic Fan Company), the best experiences are the ones built upon the foundation of what we create together. It is the people with whom we share our journey, and everything along the way.

Therefore, we believe that it’s engaged colleagues and a strong sense of culture which end up as the defining factors which make up a company’s greatest assets. The colleagues who get creative ideas and solve issues together, and the culture that creates a bond between people to ensure effective and successful teamwork. 

It is the special combination of these assets – the right people and the underlying culture – that our company’s DNA consists of, and it stands out as our competitive advantage. It’s the foundation upon which we grow, develop and direct the company, while we leave meaningful footprints along the way. 


We are proud to be European partner for Greenheck Group from the United States. 

Greenheck is a globally leading manufacturer of air movement and control equipment. 

As their partners, this makes us able to deliver their AMCA certified fans to the European market. 

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