Northern Sky®

Take control of your air

Northern Sky® is an online fan management platform giving you full control and actionable insights.

IoT-baseD platform

The Northern Sky® platform is based on IoT, which is short for ‘internet of things’. As a user, this gives you the the huge advantage that you become independent of time and place. 

Control of all your Nordicco® products is digitized, meaning you can access all your data and control options on the platform. At any time – and from anywhere.

It is precisely this setup that makes Northern Sky® the most flexible fan management system and opens up possibilities for you as a user. It’s a tool in your pocket to control your operations and access fans either ‘on site’ or behind a screen hundreds of miles away.

Fan Control

All our ceiling fans (except Mini) are as standard supplied with this management platform. Thanks to the IoT module, all fans can be operated simultaneously, even when installed in completely different locations. Start/stop, speed, rotational direction. It’s all gathered in one place. In Northern Sky® you can create specific operating parameters for each zone in your building, tailored specifically to the wishes and needs of that area.

Fans can be controlled manually or set to run automatically based on a calendar schedule. The set-up is just as intuitive and user-friendly as you are used to from other calendar apps. Your settings are saved and synchronized automatically.

Furthermore, if you have Northern Light® fans in your buildings, you can of course also control the disinfection lights via Northern Sky® – and automate operations of these.

Northern Sky viewed on mobile device
Indoor Air Quality improvements in sports arena with Northern Sky data sensors

Indoor Climate Data

With Northern Sky®, you can effortlessly collect indoor climate data and use it as a tool to monitor whether yourfan operations are optimized for energy efficiency or if there are energy saving opportunities you are missing out on.

Your data is visually and intuitively presented, so you can easily track the parameters that interest you the most. For example, this could be checking for accumulated heat trapped at ceiling level going to waste. Or whether the temperature has been balanced out between floor and ceiling level (a process also known as de-stratification). With a click, you can translate your knowledge into concrete action by adjusting fan operations.

It all takes place via advanced IEQ sensors that also connect to the platform (IEQ = Indoor Environmental Quality). Specifically, temperature, CO2-level and relative humidity is tracked. You get access to both real-time as well as historical data, which is automatically stored in your Northern Sky®.

Responsive Design

Northern Sky® is designed so you can access the platform from your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The content automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Completely as you know it from other responsive websites and apps. That way, you can choose the device that suits you best – and still have access to all functions in an easy-to-read layout.

If you access the platform from a smartphone, your Northern Sky® will fit the dimensions here. Control options haven’t been removed, but simply combined under the three stripes in the upper right corner. This is also known as the ‘burger menu’ and can be folded out and displayed by a single tap.

Northern Sky set på forskellige skærmstørrelser
Northern Sky giver mulighed for forbedret samarbejde i et team

Improves Collaboration

Northern Sky® improves your facility management collaboration and efficiency. Your team can work efficiently together and achieve more, when everyone is on the same page. Empower your team by adding everyone involved and help each other to achieve the best settings for your organization.

Extra users can be added for free. As an admin, you can add users with different access levels. This is particularly relevant, if for example some employees in your organisation only need access to specific facilities. Settings are synchronized between you so everyone is kept up to date.

Free user support is also included in Northern Sky®. You can follow the instructive help texts directly in the platform, when logged in. Alternatively, you can get support via mail, chat or live over the phone. Our supporters speak English and Danish fluently.

Best in class Security

IT security is a number one priority for us. That’s why Northern Sky® is designed around industry standards for privacy and information security.

Northern Sky® devices communicate with the platform on an encrypted IoT network without the need to access a building’s WiFi or internal network. That means you can have complete peace of mind when implementing the platform throughout your organization.

The platform runs on modern, reliable data centers that meet ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53 standards.

Northern Sky baseret på høj IT sikkerhed

Are you an existing user of Northern Sky® then look for Support features when logged into the platform. Would you rather speak to an IT-supporter, see contact info here.

Quick Guide

Download our Quick Guide to Northern Sky® and get off to a flying start!


Want even more details? Jump to our FAQ section and get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Northern Sky. 

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