Nordicco Fan Management System control & monitor your indoor climate

Control & Monitor your indoor climate

We offer our users three distinct ways to control the performance of the installed NORDICCO® HVLS fans and monitor the indoor climate, all designed to meet their different needs.

NORDICCO® Tablet App

Intuitive, Responsive & Smart.

Reduce your cost of installation by going wireless with the bluetooth-based wireless NORDICCO® Tablet App. With integrated functions such as calendar scheduling, control of up to 24 different HVLS fans all with individual settings, and admin/user access capabilities, it’s the smartest and easiest controller to use for your indoor climate on the market.

Nordicco Wireless Tablet App control and monitor HVLS fan
Nordicco Fan Management System Insightful & Transparent

NORDICCO® Fan Management System

Insightful & Transparent

The NORDICCO® Fan Management System is your all-in-one operating and monitoring solution. It provides real-time as well as historical insight to ceiling temperatures and humidity, comfort zone temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels, calendar scheduling of each installed NORDICCO® HVLS fan and historical trend curves of the key parameters. It’s a cloud-based solution that can be accessed and managed from any internet connected device.

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NORDICCO® Control Box

Simple & Intuitive

The NORDICCO® Control Box is a hard-wired and easy to use controller. It comes with 10 different speed settings, reverse/forward mode and a networking functionality that allows the user to manage and monitor up to 10 NORDICCO® HVLS fans.

Nordicco Control Box