Fan Control and Air Quality Monitoring

Control and adjust your fan operations and plan and monitor your indoor climate and air quality. We offer a variety of options for controlling NORDICCO® HVLS fans. From simple ordinary controllers to the newest in IoT and air quality data monitoring. Each solution designed to meet the unique needs of users and facilities in their own way.

“With our control system from NORDICCO® we can control the fans without being present in our sports arena. We can stop and start our fans manually, or set up a calendar-controlled schedule to determine when they start and stop through the online platform. In addition, we can view CO2-concentration levels, humidity and temperature data, and thereby keep an eye on the indoor climate” says Energy Technology Specialist at Holbæk Municipality, Christoffer Larsen.  

Learn more about the different options we have for you to control your fans and monitor the air quality in your facility.  

Northern Sky responsivt design oversigt - Styring af ventilatorer og overblik over indeklima fra din smartphone

NORTHERN SKY® - Online Fan Control

Curious about how an HVLS fan affects the indoor air climate and air quailty in your buildings? And interested in even more data? With the Northern Sky® platform you get an all-in-one operating and monitoring solution for all your HVLS fans.


The system measures and monitors the temperature difference between floor and ceiling while also measuring other indoor climate parameters, including CO2-level and humidity level. The system comes with integrated calendar function, so you can plan the operation of the ceiling fans for upcoming activities in the building. 

The Northern Sky® fan management platform is cloud-based. This means you can easily access and control all your NORDICCO® fans from one place. The system gives you a quick overview of fan operations, all your incoor climate data and disinfection UVC light (if you have fans with this feature) at all your associated locations.


Everything is prepared for a ‘plug & play’ installation. You receive your login details via e-mail after which you have access to the platform with just a few clicks. You can set up speed and rotational direction of your fans as well as a calendar schedule, and analyze operational trends in your facilities all from one point. 

Nordicco HMI Controller hardwired ceiling fan controller

NORDICCO® HMI Controller - Simple & intuitive

Looking for a simple hard-wired and durable control solution? One that doesn’t depend on WiFi or Bluetooth signals? In that case we recommend the HMI Controller. With this small hard-wired control box, you can control up to 6 networked Northern Air® PRO HVLS fans of similar size. The HMI Controller is also used to run all Northern Air® Amplify systems. From this small wall-mounted device, you can easily control your ceiling fans via the basic panel. 

However, don’t underestimate this solution. There’s much more to it than what first meets the eye. The HMI Controller also offers advanced data. Hidden away from everyday users, but which can easily be accessed by administrators and other technical personnel.   

Some perceive the HMI ceiling fan controller with its wired control as old-school. We, on the other hand, call it good old-fashioned reliability. Like other NORDICCO® systems, the HMI Controller is intuitively built and user-friendly.

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