Control your fan and monitor air quality using our various solutions

Nordicco’s control and monitoring solutions give you the opportunity to control, plan and monitor your indoor climate and air quality. We offer a variety of options for controlling NORDICCO® HVLS fans and monitoring the indoor climate. Each solution is designed to meet the unique needs of users and facilities in their own way.

With our NORDICCO® Fan Management System (FMS), we can control the fans without being present in the sports arena. We can stop and start our ceiling fans manually, or just set up a calendar-controlled schedule to determine when they start and stop through the FMS System. In addition, we can view CO2- concentration levels, humidity and temperature data, and thereby keep an eye on the indoor climate” says Energy Technology Specialist at Holbæk Municipality, Christoffer Larsen 

Learn more about the different possibilities of operating your ceiling fans using our controllers and monitoring the indoor climate with air quality sensors  .

NORDICCO® Controller

Ceiling fan Controller Nordicco Controller for air quality

NORDICCO® Air Quality Sensor Set

Air Quality Sensor Set monitr air quality and temperature by Nordicco


Indoor air quality sensors Nordicco FMS monitor indoor air quality data

HMI Controller

Nordicco HMI Controller hardwired ceiling fan controller
Ceiling fan Controller Nordicco Controller for air quality

NORDICCO® Controller​

Intuitive and user-friendly control of ceiling fans

The NORDICCO® Controller makes it possible to reduce installation costs as time spent on cable work is minimized. This ceiling fan controller is wireless and communicates via Bluetooth with the fan. It’s an elegant and easy-to-use solution that allows you and users to control fans directly from the wall-mounted Controller. By adding a NORDICCO® Air Quality Sensor Set to your fan controller, you get the opportunity to gain insights about your indoor climate and air quality. This is achieved by adding live data to your solution.


A NORDICCO® Controller can control up to 10 HVLS fans at once – all with individual settings such as rotational direction and speed of the fans. In addition, the ceiling fan controller provides access to a wide range of advanced features. One of the most used features is the calendar. The calendar feature enables your fans to run automatically according to a specific schedule – so you never have to worry about it again. 

With the Controller, you have the opportunity to provide access to several users, who with their own unique password can regulate the HVLS fan according to their own needs. In this way, your employees and users can adjust the fan so that it constantly provides the most optimal air and heat distribution depending on the situation. 

Air Quality Sensor Set monitr air quality and temperature by Nordicco

NORDICCO® Air Quality Sensor Set

Live monitoring of air quality & temperature

In places where indoor climate monitoring is a crucial part of daily operation, we recommend a NORDICCO® Air Quality Sensor Set as an add-on to the NORDICCO® Controller. The wireless sensor set is designed specifically for those who want better insight into various air quality parameters in their facility. With the indoor air quality sensors, you can monitor and follow the precise indoor climate via live readings and see how it’s affected by the ceiling fan settings. 


With an Air Quality Sensor set, you get real-time insights in your facility. The sensors continuously measure temperature (in degrees Celsius), relative humidity (percentage) and the CO2level (PPM). Results are displayed and updated in real-time directly on your NORDICCO® Controller. The Air Quality Sensor Set consists of two indoor air climate sensors, of which we recommend mounting one at ceiling level and one at floor level. Placing the sensors at the top and bottom of a given room makes it easier to spot any temperature differences that may be present and optimization opportunities based on this 

This way, you can see the difference it makes and how important the fan is when it comes to adjusting any temperature differences between ceiling and floor level. With the sensors you can first of all view how big the temperature difference is between floor and ceiling – with and without your fans running. It will also be easier to assess the exact settings required in your particular facilities to achieve a desired condition. You might be interested in achieving temperature equalization by mixing the thermal layers of air. This is a common wish by our customers since it not only provides increased comfort but can lead to vast energy savings. Bottomline is, the Air Quality Sensor Set is for those who want to keep track of facility operations and air quality at close range. 

The sensor package provides the opportunity to continuously adjust the settings of your fans and see its direct effect on the indoor climate. The air quality sensors operate via Bluetooth and require only 230V power supply. The sensors are calibrated and ready to be mounted out-of-the-box. The range of a sensor without obstacles is approximately 50 meters. 

Indoor air quality sensors Nordicco FMS monitor indoor air quality data

NORDICCO® Fan Management System

An insightful all-in-one management solution 

Curious about how an HVLS ceiling fan affects the indoor air climate in your buildings and interested in even more data? With a NORDICCO® Fan Management System, you get an all-in-one operating and monitoring solution for all your HVLS fans.


The system measures and monitors the temperature difference between floor and ceiling while also measuring other indoor climate parameters, including CO2level and humidity level. The system comes with integrated calendar function, so you can plan the operation of the ceiling fans for upcoming activities in the building. 

NORDICCO® Fan Management System is cloud-based. This means you can easily access and control all your NORDICCO® fans from one online platform. The system gives you a quick overview of fan operations, temperature, humidity, CO2level and UVC light (if you have fans with this feature) at all your associated locations.

NORDICCO® Fan Management Systems are delivered as a complete pre-configured box with a VPN router as well as 4G/LTE and SIM data card with a 12 month subscription to the cloudserver. It contains an air quality sensor for measuring temperature and relative humidity under the ceiling, as well as a sensor for measuring indoor air quality such as temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration in the occupation zone. It includes an external switch, which allows you to stop the fans without system access.


It’s all prepared for “plug & play” installation to the cloud-server, from where there is access to control and monitoring of the fan(s). You can set up calender scheduling, monitor operations, analyze data trends and set up speed and rotational direction of the fans. 

We are happy to help with installation and setup of the system – either with our own installers or through our partners who are trained in using the system.

Nordicco HMI Controller hardwired ceiling fan controller

NORDICCO® HMI Controller

Simple and hardwired control

Looking for a hard-wired and durable control solution? One that doesn’t depend on WiFi or Bluetooth signals? In that case we recommend the HMI Controller. With this small hard-wired control box, you can control up to 6 networked Northern Air® PRO HVLS fans of similar size. The HMI Controller is also used to run all Northern Air® Amplify systems. From this small wall-mounted device, you can easily control your ceiling fans via the basic panel. 

However, don’t underestimate this solution. There’s much more to it than what first meets the eye. The HMI Controller also offers advanced data. Hidden away from everyday users, but which can easily be accessed by administrators and other technical personnel.   

Some perceive the HMI ceiling fan controller with its wired control as old-school. We, on the other hand, call it good old-fashioned reliability. Like other NORDICCO® systems, the HMI Controller is intuitively built and user-friendly.

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