Here at Nordicco A/S we strive to accelerate the green transition to a more sustainable society through innovative HVLS-based solutions. Therefore we design and manufacture the climate-friendly ceiling fans, so we can help private cooperations and public institutions to better the indoor climate, reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions and lastly, to eliminate airborne pathogens, including coronavirus. 

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Northern Air®

Our Northern Air® ceiling fans are the most budget- and climate-friendly solution that secures an effective air circulation, a better indoor climate and a reduced energy consumption.

This HVLS ceiling fan creates a slow and silent air circulation which efficiently equalises differences in humidity and temperature between floor and ceiling level. This HVLS technology creates a better indoor climate for you, your employees and customers.

Northern Light®

Our Northern Light® HVLS air fans creates the same climate-friendly value but further eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses with the integrated UVC-lamps. Because the UVC-lamps are upwards-illuminating, the system disinfects the air while people are residing in the room.

According to the test rapport made by the Danish Technological Institute, the Northern Light® ceiling fan the most efficient system to disinfect and distribute clean air.




All things considered, our ceiling fans creates value for you, your employees and customers when it comes to energy savings, CO2-reductions, a good indoor climate with clean air. 


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