Northern Air® Aggressive Environment is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 meters in diameter. As a standard, it comes with several layers of white powder coating. This special coating has been chosen as it provides extra protection against corrosion.

The ceiling fan also has an IP54 rating, which makes it extra hardy. It is the obvious choice for challenging and corrosive environments. It can be installed as a stand-alone solution or in tandem with existing HVAC systems.

In addition to being an energy efficient ceiling fan ideal for challenging environments, it has the same benefits as Northern Air® Pro fans. It ensures energy savings and CO2 reductions in winter and reduces the need for air conditioning during summer. 

The Aggressive Environment fan is also a budget-friendly alternative to traditional ventilation in places such as indoor swimming pools. 

If you want more inspiration about different uses of small and large ceiling fans in general, see examples of different cases here. Finally, be sure to contact us if you have questions or just want to know a little more.

Fan size Coverage area Application examples Weight
3 meters 600 m2 Indoor pools & aquatics 36 kg
4 meters 800 m2 Manufacturing facilities 42 kg
5 meters 1000 m2 Other challenging environments 48 kg

Northern Air®

Ceiling fan for harsh environments

Northern Air® Aggressive Environment is an HVLS fan specially developed for rough environments. It is particularly suitable for indoor swimming pools and other environments characterized by high humidity. Similarly, it is also a suitable choice for advanced production facilities or similar challenging industrial environments. 

An HVLS fan moves large amounts of air, slowly and at a low RPM rate. This ensures a constant mixing of the air in a given facility.

In aquatics centers, it tackles the special ventilation challenges of high concentration of harmful gases in the occupancy zone. By creating movement in the air, the concentration of, for example, trihalomethanes (THM) above the water surface in a swimming pool is reduced. Mixing of the layers of air also equalizes humidity and temperature differences between floor and ceiling level. Quickly and efficiently.


  • Effectively mixes the air in large spaces
  • Ideal for aggressive environments with ceiling height > 3.5 meters 
  • IP54 rating
  • Reduces the concentration of THM substances and chlorine fumes in swimming pools 
  • Energy efficient & silent direct drive motor 
  • Tested by FORCE Technology 
  • Designed and produced in Denmark
  • Passed ‘Ball Safety Test’ according to DIN180032-3

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Air Flow and Noise Level Data

Despite their significant airflow, the Northern Air® Aggressive Environment fans operate silenty. This is possible due to the advanced motor technology and air blade design that helps minimize noise. This makes them suitable for environments where noise control is essential. 

Below are air flow efficiency and noise level graphs for the 3, 4, and 5 meter systems. Since Aggressive Environment is the tough younger brother to the original Northern Air® Pro fan, the noise specs presented in the bottom graphs below are the same for these two product lines. The first graphs show air volume at different speed settings (RPM). And the noise level graphs show decibel (dB) readings at different speeds (RPM). 

The Northern Air® Aggresive Environment productline is tested accoring to the leading industry standard for air circulation; AMCA 230-15. The CFEI (ceiling fan energy index) is 4.89 at 40% speed and 1.01 at 100% speed for the 5-meter fans. The CFEI data is based on 208/60/3 testing per ANSI/AMCA Standard 230 and 10 CFR 430. 

Installation Manual

Download the Installation manual for Northern Air Aggressive Environment here

Technical Specifications

Download the Technical Specifications for Northern Air Aggressivement Environment here.

Inspection & Maintenance

Download the Inspection & Maintenance manual for Northern Air Agressive Environment here

CAD files

Here you can access CAD files for Northern Air Aggressive Environment 3 – 5 meter HVLS fans.

We provide 2D and 3D versions of the filetype .dwg which can be found in the following zip folder (NorthernAir-CADfiles_300-500)

SVG Files

We also have SVG files available for all Northern Air A.E. fans. See links below. If you are in need of other files for a project please contact us and we will help in providing them to you directly. 

Northern Air AE 3m , Northern Air AE 4m , Northern Air AE 5m


The Danish technology consulting company Force Technology has performed tests of the Northern Air® Aggressive Environment fan. The tests have examined the system’s hardiness to corrosive environments and include an accelerated corrosion analysis (IEC 60068-2-52: 2017), as well as testing of the system’s resistance towards solids (dust particles), IP5X (IEC 60529: 2013), and water, IPX5 (IEC 60529: 2013).

The results of the three tests show that the Northern Air® Aggressive Environment system has an overall IP54 rating, while the Drive-enclosure itself is rated IP55. At the same time, the accelerated corrosion analysis of the system’s C4 coating shows that there is great resistance to incipient corrosion.


 Read the full report here.


Aquatic center - Grenaa Svømmehal

Better air quality - happier customers

Aggressive Environment is particularly suitable for moisture-laden and corrosive environments, such as indoor aquatics facilities. The system has an IP54 rating, which means that neither water nor dust can penetrate it. In addition, the various parts of the fan are coated with several layers – including the electronics – so that it is particularly resistant to harsh environments.

Indoor swimming pools face several ventilation challenges. When the first swimmers jump into the pool early in the day, chlorine fumes and THM substances are typically concentrated near the water surface. These are to blame for swimming pools’ characteristic chlorine smell, but can also cause nuisances such as red irritated eyes. When the air is set in motion and sufficient air flow is created, the harmful concentrations will be reduced. 

An HVLS fan has the advantage that it continuously mixes the air, gently and silently. This helps ensure a better air quality in the swimming facility. This can be felt by clearly smelling less of chlorine. In addition, the relative humidity in the occupancy zone is typically lowered. The benefits are not only relevant for employees – but especially the swimmers who get up early

Dusty areas - no problem!

With its IP54 rating, the Northern Air® Aggressive Environment fan is dustproof among other things. This makes the fan well suited for dust-prone environments, such as manufacturing of wooden products, furniture, kitchens or similar challenging manufacturing facilities. Due to the special sealing of the fans PCB, it is not possible for dust and other particles to penetrate and damage the motor or drive.

The Aggressive Environment fan is not only more economically advantageous, but also a more climate-friendly alternative to traditional ventilation. Using HVLS fans, energy savings can be achieved, while the indoor climate is improved, simply by ensuring good mixing and movement of the air. With the HVLS fan, you have the option of moving heat that accumulates under the ceiling down towards floor level by running reverse mode. But it is also possible to turn the rotational direction to forward mode, so that in the hot months a slightly cooling breeze is created when needed.

Northern Air Aggressive Environment - Product facility

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