• HVLS is an abbreviation of High Volume Low Speed. An HVLS fan is a mechanical fan typically with a diameter between 2 – 7,3 meters that moves large volumes of air at a very low rotational speed – unlike its smaller residential counterpart that most people are familiar with.
  • Originally invented to address the needs of the dairy farming industry. When dairy cows experience heat stress, they become sluggish and their milk production goes down. HVLS fans provided an energy-efficient way to keep dairy cows comfortable. And, just like humans, farm animals that are breathing poor air quality develop health and performance issues.
  • Whereas high wind velocity indoors is both unpleasant and inefficient, the NORDICCO® HVLS fans move air slowly, consistently and evenly throughout any facility, creating a comfortable breeze without the typical associated draft. 
  • Smaller high-speed fans produce a high velocity jet of air that is turbulent and quicker to dissipate, whereas the large column of air distributed by a NORDICCO® HVLS fan travels further than that of any high speed fan. 
  • We tend to think of air as being weightless. In reality, air takes up a great deal of volume in any given facility. Therefore, far less power is required to keep air mass moving than to start that volume moving in the first place.

Northern Air® PRO, Northern Light® PRO and Northern Air® Aggressive Environment HVLS fans are designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark, Europe. They are specifically designed to address the European customers increasing demands for climate-friendly and effective solutions with the lowest possible carbon content. In addition, our air blades are produced from Anodized REDUXA Low Carbon Aluminum. Northern Air® Extreme systems are developed in USA by our partners from the Greenheck Group, while assembly production takes place in Denmark.

Nordicco supplies ceiling fans in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 7.3 meters in diameter. The smallest fan Northern Air® Mini covers up to 100 m2, and therefore fits well with rooms such as offices, classrooms and canteens.   

The Northern Air® PRO, Northern Light®PRO and Northern Air®Aggressive Environment product series cover premises such as sports halls, foyers, arenas, warehouses, swimming pools and furniture production up to 1000 m2. Northern Air® Extreme effectively covers large areas such as production, warehouses and distribution centers of up to 2200 square meters.  

Our NORDICCO® HVLS fans are installed in offices and libraries across Scandinavia where silent operation is absolutely critical. Only when accelerated to very high RPM’s will you hear the sound of fast moving air.

We have different control options available. As a standard, you control the fans via the cloud-based Fan Management System ‘Northern Sky’ which you can access anywhere from any internet connected device. For more information regarding our controls, please refer to the ‘Controls and Monitoring’ section of our website.

It’ll work perfectly!

In facilities where there is an existing mechanical cooling and heating (HVAC) system in place, the NORDICCO® HVLS fans work perfectly in tandem with these and help significantly reduce the energy load on those systems.

In addition to enhancing existing HVAC and natural ventilation systems, the NORDICCO® HVLS fans improve indoor air quality and overall ventilation removing the buildup of carbon dioxide, foul odors and smelly fumes. The NORDICCO® HVLS fans mix and move that air to prevent stagnation, eliminate condensation buildup and maintain an even room temperature without creating a draft.

The total hanging weight of the heaviest NORDICCO® HVLS fan is only 100 kg and can consequently be installed in virtually all types of ceilings. Having said that, please be aware that the fans cannot be mounted directly in light suspended ceilings such as a suspended gypsum board ceiling. In these situations, an installation will require the ceiling fan to be attached to the load-bearing construction above the suspended ceiling.

It takes from a few hours to half a day’s labor to add a complete fitted and ready for use NORDICCO® HVLS fan to your building.  It largely depends on the installation complexity and whether you have chosen wireless or hard-wired controls.


  • UVC light is a natural part of the suns emission and is characterized by having a wavelength between 200-280 nanometers (nm). Unlike UVA and UVB the UVC light is absorbed by ozon, water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • UVC light is part of the ultraviolet spectrum not visible to humans and can be used to effectively inactivate bacteria, mold spores, fungi and viruses.
  • The use of UVC light as a mean to disinfect air dates back to 1935 and has since then and in combination with some form of mechanical air handling been used to reduce the threat of airborne infections.

UVC light damages the DNA and RNA in a bacteria or virus removing its ability to replicate and thereby making it non-infectious.

  • Yes, when properly installed and operated the NORDICCO® Northern Light systems are safe for humans. The system can therefore run continuously even with occupants in the room.
  • Up-light UVC systems have been used for disinfection for more than 70 years. Several international and well respected institutions and organizations has over the years confirmed, that there is no evidence for permanent damages to humans when exposed to upper UVC-light.
  • The patented Northern Light® system combines the NORDICCO® HVLS fans ability to effectively move massive amount of air with the UVC lights ability to disinfect the air. When the air is moved across the embedded UVC-light in the air blades, it is effectively being disinfected and clean air is being dispersed. In order to achieve the most effective air disinfection, the UVC lamps are based on the outer perimeter of the air-blades as that is where the vast majority of the air is being moved by the fan.
  • Recent studies from a number of institutions confirms that when exposed to the right amount of UVC light, the SARS-COV-2 vira (that causes COVID-19) is also being deactivated and therefore no longer able to replicate and infect humans.
  • In addition to the air disinfection technology, the Northern Light® HVLS fans also reduce transmission of airborne diseases by effectively circulating the air. The circulation of massive amounts of air eliminates areas with high concentrations of pathogens, and the lower the concentration the lower the risk of infection.
  • Early indications show that each Northern Light® HVLS fan will be able to produce more than 18.000m3 clean air per hour.
  • Our calculations are based on advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis combined with sophisticated multi-physical calculation simulations. 
    This combination of advanced software provides a comprehensive insight to particle flow, light intensity and impact dose the pathogens are being exposed to. This is also the recommended procedure by the Association of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

No, The Northern Light® System only utilise non-ozone generating UVC light bulbs.


Northern Sky is an online fan management platform based on IoT. It’s the most flexible control solution for HVLS fans. It’s developed by the internal IT R&D Team at Nordicco A/S based on years of experience with customers’ needs and wishes for control, data and security.  

Read all the details about the Northern Sky platform here

Yes. With Northern Sky as your control platform, you have full flexibilty and can operate your fans from exactly the device that suits you. Whether it be from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. On location of off-site. All thanks to the IoT design. 

Northern Sky comes in several languages, including English, Danish, Swedish and German. 

More languages will automatically be added along with future updates. 


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