The Northern Air® Extreme industrial ceiling fan comes in 2 sizes: 6 meters in diameter and 7,3 meters in diameter. As a standard, fans are delivered with aluminum grey air blades and black details.

However, you can choose between our standard colors or any custom color you may wish for, such as all-white, all-black or a custom color code of your choice. Note that in such cases extra fees may apply. See examples of different large fan applications here.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all or simply want to learn more about the product details.

Fan size Coverage area Applications Weight
6 meters 2.000 m2 Warehouses 92 kg
7,3 meters 2.200 m2 Distribution Centres 100 kg

Northern Air® EXTREME

Industrial ceiling fan for warehouses

The Extreme range is our largest HVLS fans for heavy-duty use. This industrial ceiling fan is part of the Northern Air® product line. It’s an extra large ceiling fan of the type HVLS (high volume low speed) and comes in two sizes: 6 meters or 7,3 meters diameter. The massive size makes Extreme fans among the world’s biggest ceiling fans.

Industrial ceiling fans such as the Northern Air® Extreme range are ideal for industrial applications such as warehousing or distribution centres with lots of space and very high ceilings.

As part of the Northern Air® product line, the Extreme fans deliver energy savings, CO2 reductions and indoor climate improvements. The HVLS fans work perfectly in tandem with existing HVAC systems and can be a means of optimizing challenging ventilation operations in large spaces.

ADVANTAGES – Extreme ceiling fans:

  • Delivers massive air flow
  • Forward/reverse function
  • Performance tested according to the AMCA 230 -15 standard
  • Ideal for rooms larger than 1.000 m2
  • Ideal for spaces with a ceiling height of >8 m
  • Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions via destratification 
  • Developed by Greenheck Group in the United States

From  € 8.125,- excl. VAT/GST

Call us at +45 73 70 90 83 or fill out the form below with any product related questions or to get a non-binding quotation. We are used to projects of all sizes. Meaning you can buy a single fan or request prices for large projects or tenders. 

Air Flow & Noise Level Data - Extreme Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Extreme HVLS fans deliver massive air flow. All Extreme HVLS fans are tested accoring to the leading industry standard for air circulation; AMCA 230-15. The fans are available in two sizes: 6 meters and 7,3 meters in diameter. Furthermore, the fans can be delivered with 3 or 6 air blades. These different combinations lead to different performance output, as can be seen on the graphs below.

6-meter Extreme fans
The Extreme 6 meter fans are the next-biggest HVLS fans in the Nordicco product portfolio. As the graph shows, fan performance tests show an actual air volume of 333,346 m3/hr at a maximum speed of 78 RPM (6 blade data). The CFEI at 40% speed is 2,72 and CFEI at 100% speed is 1,44. The maximum average air speed is 2,4 m/s and the maximum cooling effect is measured to 8°C. 

7,3-meter Extreme fans
The Extreme 7,3 meter fans are the biggest ceiling fans in the Nordicco product portfolio. As the graphs shows, fan performance tests show an actual air volume of 412,859 m3/hr at a maximum speed of 61 RPM (6 blade data). The CFEI at 40% speed is 2,82 and CFEI at 100% speed is 1,14. The maximum average air speed is 2,4 m/s and the maximum cooling effect is measured to 8°C. 

All data is based on 208/60/3 testing per ANSI/AMCA Standard 230 and 10 CFR 430. CFEI is short for Ceiling Fan Energy Index – read more here. The noise level graphs show decibel (dB) readings at different speeds (RPM). The cooling effect values are based on ASHRAE Standard 55 and include assumptions for environmental and personal factors that affect thermal comfort. 

Installation Manual

Download the Installation manual for Northern Air Extreme HVLS fans here.

Technical Specifications

Download the Technical Specifications for the Northern Air product line here.

CAD files

Here you can access CAD files for Northern Air Extreme industrial HVLS fans. 

We provide 2D and 3D versions of the filetype .dwg which can be found in the following zip folder: NorthernAir-Industrial-fan-CADfiles

SVG Files

Here you can access SVG files for
Northern Air Extreme 600 (6 meter fan) and Northern Air Extreme 730 (7,3 meter fan). 

If you are in need of other files for a project, please contact us directly and we will help you locate what you need.

Other Nordicco products

Northern AIR® PRO

Northern Air® Pro is our line of HVLS fans between 3 – 5 meters. Often used to deliver substantial energy savings.

Northern Light® Pro

The Northern Light® line consists of patented HVLS fans with built-in disinfection capabilities to deliver clean air.

Northern Air® A.E.

Aggressive Environment HVLS fans are developed for challenging environments such as aquatic centers.

Nordicco winter energy savings


During colder months, the Northern Air® ceiling fan gently pushes the hot air trapped at the ceiling level down towards the comfort zone where it’s needed. 

This process is called destratification and ensures an even temperature and humidity across the building. The result is a better indoor climate, significantly reduced energy spend and lower CO2 emissions.

Nordicco flow sommer


During the warmer months, the gentle breeze created by the Northern Air® helps lower the human temperature sensation by several degrees °C.

This significantly reduces or entirely eliminates the need for air-conditioning all while raising overall human comfort levels. In buildings and rooms with existing mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning, the large ceiling fan helps reduce the load on these, thereby lowering the energy spend.

Minimum spacing between fans - large Extreme 6 meter HVLS fans
Minimum spacing between fans - large Extreme 7.3 meter HVLS fans
Extra large fan for industry use - HVLS fan by Nordicco


The extra large Amplify HVLS fans are originally developed by our business partners in the United States, Greenhech Group. At Nordicco we’ve made the Amplify line our own, with assemply and further development performed in Denmark. 

We’ve adjusted the American giant to European needs and expectations regarding performance, energy efficiency and design. Whereever possible we use local suppliers and material with the lowest overall carbon footprint.

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