The Comfort ceiling fan has 2 directions of rotation and can therefore be used in both summer and winter. It can be supplied with wireless remote control (RF), with the Northern Sky® online control system or with the MODBUS module, which enables it to be integrated into most building management systems (CTS).

If you want more inspiration about the different uses of small and large ceiling and destratification fans in general, see examples of different cases from real life here. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.

If a Northern Air® Comfort destrat ceiling fan isn’t the right size for your facilities, take a look at our other Nordicco products. For example, the Northern Air Pro HVLS fan, which is suitable for destratification in larger spaces, or Mini – a small ceiling fan with remote control, which is best suited for slightly smaller rooms.

Fan size Coverage area Application Weight
2 meters 120 m2 (destratification) Offices, Cafeterias etc. 16 kg
3 meters 200 m2 (destratification) Warehouses, Fitness Centres etc. 20 kg

Northern Air® COMFORT

Destratification fans by Nordicco

The Northern Air Comfort destratification fans are ideal for energy saving purposes. The fans distribute the air efficiently in a room and balance out temperature differences between ceiling and floor level.

With its minimalistic and industrial design, the ceiling fan fits in well in many medium-sized facilities with medium-high ceilings. It is ideal for libraries, lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, fitness centers, etc.

This ceiling fan is of the HVLS type (high volume, low speed) and is available in 2 or 3 meters in diameter. Compared to ther HVLS fans, the smaller size becomes particularly evident with Comfort’s ultra-thin motor design and a weight of less than 20 kg.

The destratification fan is also developed with a gearless BLDC direct-drive motor. It has 7 aerodynamic aluminum wings, of which the patented end tip is specially developed to minimize sound from the air currents.


  • The de-strat fan can be controlled by remote or online
  • Moves up to 31.500 m3 air pr hour
  • Forward/reverse function for cooling of destrat mode
  • Energy-efficient & silent BLDC motor
  • Plug & Play installation (230 V)
  • Ideal for destratifying spaces up to 200 m2
  • Power consumption at normal operation is just 9 Watts
  • During summer it can be used to create a pleasant breeze

From EUR 2.215,- excl. VAT

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A destratification fan is also known as an HVLS fan. HVLS stands for ‘High Volume Low Speed’ and refers to what the fan does. It circulates enormous amounts of air at low rotational speed. HVLS fans are mechanical ceiling fans with a diameter between 2 and 7 meters. 


By moving large volumes of air, one of the main benefits of destrat fans is their ability to balance out the temperature between floor and ceiling level. This process is also known as destratification. When destratifying a room, you efficiently equalize humidity and temperature differences between floor and ceiling level thus preventing any heat from going to waste at ceiling level. This phenomenon is particularly relevant in spaces with high ceilings, because hot air rises. 

Destratification fans HVLS

Installation manual

Download the Installation Manual for the Northern Air Comfort de-stratification fan.

Technical Specifications

Download the Tech Specs for all our ceiling destratification fans including Northern Air Comfort here.


With HVLS fans sport facility achieves energy savings

Example of Northern Air® destratification fans installed in a sports facility.

Customer Statement:

“I have only words of praise for Nordicco and their destratifying fans. The collaboration has worked flawlessly from the beginning and their systems have fully lived up to my expectations,” says Facility Manager Carl Juhl and continues: 

“Going into the future, I expect that the destratification fans will help us to further reduce the consumption of district heating. I also expect that we can keep operating with a lower inlet air supply temperature which will reduce our electricity consumption. Not to mention the added benefit of us getting a significantly better indoor climate and happy users.” 

“Here we are, on the threshold of winter and the temperature is slowly falling outside. And I note that I now only need to raise the inlet air supply temperature by 0,5 °C for every 5 °C the temperature falls outside”, he concludes.

Based on his experience, he gladly recommends others who have large premises and facilities with high ceilings to look at the opportunities using detratification fans – slowly rotating ceiling fans. The destratification process ensures that no heat goes to waste and combats temperature differences in a room.


Other Destratification Fans

Northern Air® Pro

Northern Air® Pro is our line of large HVLS fans from 2-5 meters. Often used to deliver substantial energy savings.

Northern Air® A.E.

Aggressive Environment HVLS fans are developed for challenging environments such as aquatic centers.

Northern Light® Pro

The Northern Light® line consists of patented HVLS fans with built-in disinfection capabilities to deliver clean air.


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