Destratification fan for energy savings

Northern Star Pro is a new take on a classic HVLS fan. HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed, indicating that the ceiling fan efficiently circulates large amounts of air at low rotational speeds (RPM).

The Northern Star® Pro series excels in addressing temperature disparities between the floor and ceiling. The air blades are specifically designed for effective mixing of air and temperature equalization, which eliminates the need for high air speeds.

Available in sizes ranging from 3 to 5 meters in diameter, this series offers flexibility in customization. Opt for our standard color (aluminum gray with a black drop tube) or select a special color of your preference.

Fan size Coverage Area Application Examples Weight
3 meters 600 m2 Foyers 36 kg
4 meters 800 m2 Warehouse / Distribution 42 kg
5 meters 1000 m2 Sports Arenas 48 kg

For a larger coverage areas than recommended in the table above, it may be necessary to place more fans to achieve the desired effect. Please contact us if you have specific questions or want to know more.

If you’re looking for something else, take a look at our product overview for a comprehensive overview of our ceiling fans and control options. We have both larger and smaller fans in the Nordicco product family, and other product series optimized for comfort cooling or even air disinfection.

Northern Star® Pro

Thermal Destratification & Energy Savings

Let Northern Star® guide you towards a future where a great indoor climate and energy savings go hand in hand in your buildings.

Northern Star® Pro is the world’s first HVLS fan optimized for energy-saving purposes.

Traditionally, ceiling fans are developed for comfort cooling purposes and designed to provide as much air as possible directly down towards the floor. But not Northern Star®. We threw away all traditions and instead created a fan delivering the best indirect air circulation. That way, energy can be optimized because heat can be moved from the ceiling zone towards the floor – all year round – without creating drafts.

This product range is particularly useful in spacious environments with high ceilings, where temperature differences often occur due to the natural stratification of air – warm air accumulating at the top while cooler air settles below. By gently circulating the trapped warm air down to occupant levels, the Northern Star Pro fan ensures uniform temperatures throughout the space. A process also known as destratification

Destratification fan for energy savings

Advantages of an Air Destratification fan:

  • Air blade design optimized for evening out temperature defferences between floor and ceiling
  • Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions via heat destratification
  • Moves up to 124.000 m3/h air in the reverse rotational direction
  • Avoids drafts, as the air is circulated and distributed indirectly
  • Ideal for rooms larger than 200 m2 and ceiling height >4 m
  • Energy-efficient & silent direct-drive motor
  • Designed and produced in Denmark

From 5.755,- excl. VAT/GST

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Air Flow Data

The Northern Star Pro HVLS fan is optimized for effective temperature equalization at low speeds. The special air blades are designed to provide the most significant airflow in the reverse rotational direction. This makes these ceiling fans suitable for environments where draft nuisances aren’t desired, but an optimal air circulation is desired, in order to utilize the heat that otherwise settles at ceiling level. 

Below, airflow efficiency is shown for the 3, 4 and 5 meter systems. The graphs show the air volume at different speeds (RPM). The airflow of the Northern Star Pro product line has been calculated by the Danish Technological Institute via advanced CFD analyses. Click on the graphs to enlarge them.

Installation Manual

Download the Installation manual for Northern Star Pro HVLS fans here.

Technical Specifications

Want to know more about the Northern Star Pro HVLS fans or other Nordicco products, then you can find all our Technical details here.

Revit files

Download Revit files for Pro HVLS fans. Note that Northern Star and Northern Air product series have the same dimensions:

CAD files

Here you can access CAD files for Northern Star Pro  HVLS fans. These are based on our Northern Air systems, which is why they are available for sizes 2-5 meters, but please note, Northern Star fans are available in 3, 4 and 5 meters in diameter.

We provide 2D and 3D versions of the filetype .dwg which can be found in the following zip folder (NorthernAir-CADfiles_200-500)


As mentioned above, most ceiling fans are developed for forward rotation, with air being pushed directly down under the fan. On the contrary, Northern Star Pro is the first HVLS fan in the world optimized for delivering indirect air flow.

Looking closer at the technical details, Northern Star® Pro consists of 5 blades, which are designed to move the largest amount of air via the reverse rotational direction. In reverse, air is distributed slowly along the ceiling, then down along the walls and finally into the occupational area in a discreet and indirect way. This way, an effective and constant temperature equalization is ensured, so no heat is wasted.

Loftventilator princip skitse air Flow


The direction of the air makes a difference when it comes to our experience of the thermal environment. If there’s one thing we don’t like in our indoor climate, it’s drafts. By having the airflow optimized for the reverse direction, it means two things;

1) That as much air as possible in the room can be circulated indirectly. That means along the ceiling and down along the walls –  not directly down towards the living area. (See the graphic where the difference is presented visually).

2) The speed of the fan (RPM) can be turned down significantly, whereby the air speed is also lowered, so there’ll be a pleasant indoor climate even on a cold winter day.


The HVLS fans can either be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with existing ventilation systems. Installing Northern Star fans can help lower the pressure on existing HVAC systems – which also helps in achieving energy savings.


Stratification, also called air layering, occurs naturally in all rooms, unless deliberately prevented. This happens because cold air is heavier than warm air. Often a temperature difference of approx. 1,0°C per vertical meter can be seen. The higher the ceiling, the more significant a temperature difference between floor and ceiling level.

De-stratification is when you prevent the settling of air layers. It’s the process of equalizing temperature differences between floor and ceiling, and the phenomenon is also known as e.g. ‘thermal mixing of air layers’ or temperature equalization.

The History of HVLS fans

What started as low-cost and effective way of cooling dairy cows has now become a billion-dollar industry focused on improving indoor environment and human comfort. Over the last 10 years the use of HVLS fans has exploded. 


The market for HVLS fans started out in the United States as a low-cost way to achieve a cooling sensation among dairy cows in the late 90’s.

The use of these large HVLS fans expanded from the farming sector into large industrial and warehousing facilities, where it was now used to lower the temperature sensation for the benefit of people working in these facilities. Today, HVLS fans are still used to increase comfort in facilities but just as much to achieve energy savings by distributing air (and heat) more efficiently in a room.

HVLS fans history - farm use


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The HVLS fans are all designed and manufactured in Denmark, adjusted to European needs and expectations regarding performance, energy efficiency and design. Whereever possible we use local suppliers and material with the lowest overall carbon footprint.

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