Relative humidity reduced at Grenaa Aquatic Center

Aggressive Environment - HVLS fan for aquatic centers and harsh environments

GRENAA AQUATIC CENTER Relative humidity reduced at Grenaa Aquatic Center AQUATIC CENTER CHALLENGES Like many other swimming pools and natatoriums, Grenaa Aquatic Center has had problems with high relative humidity and evaporation from the pools. This accelerates corrosion of the building structure and can also create a poor indoor climate with heavy air. An indoor environment […]

How to disinfect sports facilities like the Municipality of Lolland did

Rødbyhavn Sportshal desinfektion af haller

Municipality of Lolland How to disinfect sports facilities and eliminate airborne pathogens while people are in the room. LOLLAND MUNICIPALITY has decided to invest in our Northern Light® for disinfecting large sports facilities while making energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. The Municipality has around 40,000 inhabitants and covers an area of almost 900 square kilometres. Their […]

Non-infectious sports centre at Goerlev boarding school

Gørlev Idrætsefterskole Northern Light HVLS-ventilatorer desinficerer luften i idrætshallen

GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL uses our Northern Light® HVLS fans to create a non-infectious sports centre ABOUT GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL At Goerlev Boarding school, a renowned, sports-focused educational institution in Denmark, 160 students attend their daily classes. The school’s large sports centre is frequently used, which means large temperature fluctuations and an indoor climate that is […]

Municipality gains significant energy savings in sports facility

Energy optimization and savings of facilities Norddjurs

Municipality gains energy savings and CO2-emissions in their sports facility. Energy savings in sports facility With three of our Northern Air® – slowly rotating gigantic ceiling fans – the ventilation system in this municipality’s sports facility runs 6 hours less a day. Thus, our fans secure a significant reduction in the inlet air temperature, a balanced […]

Municipality makes heat savings in sports facilities and schools

Høng Hallen Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO

Kalundborg MUNICIPALITY makes heat savings in sports facilities and schools. The municipality of Kalundborg Over the past year, 39 sports facilities and schools in the municipality of Kalundborg have been equipped with one or more slowly rotating ceiling fans, and from day one, the fans helped create a better indoor climate, better heat distribution and […]

SlotssøBadet struggles with indoor climate

SlotsøBadet Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO

Slotssøbadet Struggles with indoor climate was solved by out HVLS-fans ABOUT SLOTSSØBADET With 450,000 annual guests and a staff of 120 employees, SlotssøBadet is one of Denmark’s largest swimming facilities. In addition to the swimming pool itself, SlotssøBadet also offers a wellness department and a fitness center. SlotssøBadets big glass panels are the direct reason […]

The municipality of Aalborg optimises heat consumption

Nordicco HVLS Ventilator energibesparelser i sportshaller

GRINDSTED HALLEN How to optimise heat consumption for a municipality ABOUT AALBORG MUNICIPALITY The municipality of Aalborg has a sustainability strategy that focuses on “Energy consumption must be reduced by means of energy efficiency improvements and energy savings.” Furthermore, in 2009 the municipality signed an agreement with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation to reduce […]

A Green Strategy that Reduces Energy Consumption

Odense Idrætspark Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO

ODENSE SPorts centre Has adapted a green strategy by using our HVLS-fans to reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions. ABOUT ODENSE SPORTS CENTRE At Odense Municipality, they are working purposefully on the transformation towards a green energy system. In 2012 they adopted a strategic energy plan with a great focus on optimising utilization of energy resources and […]

Achieve a good indoor climate like the Municipality of Hjoerring

Loft ventilator

Municipality of Hjoerring achieves a good indoor climate for the benefit of their users and employees. ABOUT HJØRRING MUNICIPALITY The municipality of Hjørring is a climate-friendly municipality, and they have signed an agreement with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation to reduce the municipality’s CO2 emissions by a minimum of two percent each year. In […]

CrossFit Aros solves ventilation challenges with our HVLS-fans

Decentral ventilation løste ventilationsproblem

CROSSFIT AARHUS Big CrossFit Box had ventilation challenges ABOUT CROSSFIT AROS CrossFit Aros is a classic crossfit box with room for all types of members – and where members become a part of a large community. CrossFit Aros opened its doors in December 2018 in Aarhus, and since then the number of members has been increasing […]