Non-infectious sports centre at Goerlev boarding school

Gørlev Idrætsefterskole Northern Light HVLS-ventilatorer desinficerer luften i idrætshallen

GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL uses our Northern Light® HVLS fans to create a non-infectious sports centre ABOUT GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL At Goerlev Boarding school, a renowned, sports-focused educational institution in Denmark, 160 students attend their daily classes. The school’s large sports centre is frequently used, which means large temperature fluctuations and an indoor climate that is […]

Campus Vejle improves indoor climate and learning environment

Lydløs ventilator

CAMPUS VEJLE​ How to improve indoor climate and learning environment with our HVLS-fans. ABOUT CAMPUS VEJLE Campus Vejle is one of the largest educational institutions in the region of Southern Denmark. The school has almost 2,500 students and 360 employees. WORTH KNOWING ABOUT THE 37 FANS AT CAMPUS VEJLE Installed during fall 2018 and spring […]