The NORDICCO® HVLS fans are all designed and manufactured in Denmark, adjusted to European needs and expectations regarding performance, energy efficiency and design. Where ever possible we use local suppliers and material with the lowest overall carbon footprint.

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Case: Northern Light® removes the hidden virus threats in the canteen at FAYARD

FAYARD a Danish ship repair yard ABOUT GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL The corona pandemic and the hidden virus threats made the employees at the FAYARD shipyard nervous about eating and meeting in the yard’s canteen. The solution was a Northern Light™ HVLS fan from Nordicco A / S. The Northern Light HVLS fan moves the air […]

Case: Goerlev Boarding school saves on the traditional ventilation systems

GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL and their Northern Light® HVLS fans ABOUT GOERLEV BOARDING SCHOOL At Goerlev Boarding school, a renowned, sports-focused educational institution in Denmark, 160 students from all walks of life attend their daily classes. The school’s large sports hall is frequently used, and this means large temperature fluctuations and an indoor climate that is […]

Case: Norddjurs municipality experience significant energy savings and better indoor climate

Norddjurs Municipality and NORDICCO® HVLS fans REDUCTION IN THE INLET AIR TEMPERATURE Three slowly rotating giant ceiling fans from Nordicco has caused for the ventilation system in one of the mucicipality’s sports arenas to runs 6 hours less a day, a significant reduction in the inlet air temperature, completely balanced temperature between floor and ceiling, […]

Case: Nordicco’s big ceiling fans are a resounding success

Kalundborg MUNICIPALITY Improves indoor climate and reducing energy costs KALUNDBORG MUNICIPALITY Over the past year, 39 sports halls and schools in the municipality of Kalundborg have been equipped with one or more slowly rotating ceiling fans, and from day one, the fans helped create a better indoor climate, better heat distribution and lower power consumption. […]

Case: Northern Air® fan moves large amounts of air at SlotsøBadet

Slotssøbadet A large swimming facility ABOUT SLOTSØBADET With 450,000 annual guests and a staff of 120 employees, SlotssøBadet is one of Denmark’s largest swimming facilities. In addition to the swimming pool itself, SlotssøBadet also offers a wellness department and a fitness center. WORTH KNOWING ABOUT SLOTSSØBADETS NORTHERN AIR® CEILING FAN Installed in December 2018 Is […]

Case: Campus Vejle takes climate-friendly consideration

CAMPUS VEJLE​ An educational institution ABOUT CAMPUS VEJLE Campus Vejle is one of the region’s largest educational institutions. In everyday life, the school has 2,500 students in the post-secondary education/youth educations, a large number of course participants, and 360 employees. Campus Vejle is for you who want to study an HHX, an HF, EUX Business, […]

Case: Heat savings in the municipality of Aalborg

GRINDSTED HALLEN A large sport facility ABOUT AALBORG MUNICIPALITY The municipality of Aalborg has a sustainability strategy, where one of the points is, “Energy consumption must be reduced by means of energy efficiency improvements and energy savings.” Furthermore, in 2009 the municipality signed an agreement with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation to reduce their […]

Case: HVLS ceiling fans at Odense Sports Park

ODENSE SPortspark A large sport facility ABOUT ODENSE SPORTSPARK At Odense Municipality, they are working purposefully on the transformation towards a green energy system. In 2012 they adopted a strategic energy plan, with a great focus on optimising utilization of energy resources and energy savings. ODENSE SPORTSPARK & THEIR NORDIC HVLS FANS Has three NORDICCO® fans installed […]

Case: Energy savings in the municipality of Hjørring

BAGTERP HALLEN A large sport facility ABOUT THE MUNICIPALITY OF HJOERRING The municipality of Hjørring is a Climate Municipality. This means that they have signed an agreement with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation to reduce the municipality’s CO2 emissions by a minimum of two percent each year. In conjunction with it, four NORDICCO® HVLS […]

Case: Energy optimisation across the municipality

HØNG HALLEN A large sport facility ABOUT KALUNDBORG MUNICIPALITY In the municipality of Kalundborg, they have installed 39 NORDICCO® HVLS fans spread across 16 different facilities. The installations cover places such as schools, sports facilities, libraries, and the town hall. The latest installation undertaken was with two HVLS fans, each measuring 5 meters in diameter, […]