Improves indoor climate
and reducing energy costs
Høng Hallen Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO


Over the past year, 39 sports halls and schools in the municipality of Kalundborg have been equipped with one or more slowly rotating ceiling fans, and from day one, the fans helped create a better indoor climate, better heat distribution and lower power consumption. The municipality’s technical service manager has only words of praise left over for Nordicco’s HVLS fans. 

“In Kalundborg Municipality, much like many other municipalities and companies, we struggle to ensure a satisfactory indoor climate and reasonable room temperatures in places like our large sports halls and auditoriums at the schools,” says Henrik T. Pedersen, technical services manager in the municipality.

 After seeing Nordicco’s fan solutions, he was left with no doubt about how the municipality could benefit from using these to improve both their indoor climate, but also lower their energy consumption in the large halls.

Logically speaking, there’s no denying that heat rises to the ceiling and stays there, but with the large, slow-rotating HVLS fans installed, we’re able to easily, quickly and silently disperse this trapped heat, and bring it down to the floor area, where it’s supposed to be.

Henrik T. Pedersen,

Technical service manager, Kalundborg Municipality

Høng Hallen Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO


Henrik T. Pedersen has nothing but words of praise for Nordicco and the company’s solutions.

“Everything worked from the moment the fans were installed and the good thing is that they [NORDICCO® fans] consume almost no power. I would go as far as to say that Nordicco’s ceiling fans are a fantastic product, and perhaps they are the best investment we have made to date in the municipality,” he says.

Over the past year, Kalundborg Municipality has had HVLS fans installed across 39 of the municipality’s sports halls, schools, and more.

“Since realising just how efficient these fans are, we haven’t looked back, and I’m happy that we now have them installed across almost all our larger sports halls. There’s no doubt that the big fans have been a big success in our municipality.”

Kalundborg Municipality is improving their indoor climate while simultaneously reducing their energy costs

Savings on their traditional ventilation systems

 “In several of our sports halls and large rooms, we have installed actual ventilation systems, which often consume a lot of energy to heat the room, and yet it remains a difficulty maintaining a constant and balanced temperature in those halls with high ceilings. But with the help of the fans, we can now distribute the heat much better in the room and ensure a constant temperature at the same time that we can reduce the load on the ventilation system so that it uses less energy,” says Henrik T. Pedersen.

He also elaborates on the fact that some of the existing sports halls do not have actual ventilation systems, which means that the CO2 in the air is mostly concentrated at the floor level and occupancy zone. But after the municipality installed the fans, the air and the indoor climate have been significantly improved.

The ceiling fans can do more than just distribute the heat trapped under the ceiling. This summer, when Denmark was hit by a heat wave, we changed the rotation of the fans so that they cooled down. As a result, all the children in the schools where we did this gathered under the fan because the temperature here was the most comfortable.

Henrik T. Pedersen,

Technical service manager, Kalundborg Municipality

Høng Hallen Ceiling fan - loftventilator - loft ventilator - decken ventilatoren - from NORDICCO


Nordicco’s ceiling fans are controlled from a simple and user-friendly panel, and for the Municipality of Kalundborg, the easy operation of the fans has created great joy.

”Our philosophy is that no users of our halls should be bothered by the ceiling fans, therefore everybody should always have the ability to turn them on and off, and everyone appreciates that,” he says.

Henrik T. Pedersen is also happy with how he is able to have a full overview of all his fans’ operations through the Fan Management System portal, where he can access temperature levels, installation locations, calendar setup, CO2 levels and power consumption of all the fans installed in his municipality. In the same way, he is very positive about Nordicco’s latest product launch of ‘Northern Light®’, where the fan’s wings are equipped with upward-facing UVC light, which efficiently disinfects the air that passes the wings.

”The large ceiling fans are capable of circulating the air around even in our very large halls, so with embedded UVC lights, it’s a smart and easy way to disinfect the air from airborne viruses, so users can feel safe from the invisible danger of infection and in this way it makes perfect sense,” he concludes.